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HYDRACOOLING is a Portuguese company that specializes in the production of Refrigerated Display Merchandisers for the Retail Food Markets.  The company prides itself on an extensive Research and Development process that ensures the customers performance requirements are exceeded.

HYDRACOOLING offers a product line that is Simplistic yet Functional, maintaining product Quality and allowing the customer to Optimize their product offerings in an attractive assortment of Interior and Exterior Color and Design options.  The latest in Design Elements are integral to the HYDRACOOLING products while enhancing the product display and allowing the products to be presented in the best possible way.

HYDRACOOLING products are designed to provide the highest levels of Food Safety, Sanitation and Reliability while combining a Functional Simplistic Design at a Quality Price.  The company Leadership is made up of veterans with extensive experience in the Manufacturing, Operations and Design of Refrigerated Display Merchandisers.  Customer and Technical Support as well as a responsive Sales Team are always available.


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